WOD 6/27/17

12 minute emom: complex 1.snatch, 1.squat snatch,1.ohs – start very light and keep moving up weight appropriately. Stay at weight if needed to maximize form over failure.

Amrap: 9 minutes

15 TTB
10 Dl 115/75
5 snatches 115/75

WOD 6/23/17


20 minutes of work is required by everyone.  In this particular “death by …” workout, if you fail say at 10 minutes (10 thrusters), then take the next minute off.  For the remainder of the time do 2 reps less then the number you failed on each minute for the remainder of the workout. So in this instance you do 8 thrusters each remaining minute!

WOD 6/22/17

Hang Snatch (115/75#)
Ring Dips

100’/50’/25′ Bodyweight/ 3/4 bodyweight farmer carry in between Snatch and Dips.

Ex.- 21 Snatch –> 100′ Farmer Carry –> 21 Dips –> 100′ Farmer Carry –> 15 Snatch –> 50′ Farmer Carry –> 15 Dips Etc…

Weight of combined DB or KB = BW
Ex.- BW 180 = 2x90lb DB’s

WOD 6/20/17

Part a:
Build to a heavy 3 max back squat.

Part b:
5×8 backsquats at 80% of your 3 rep max for the day
*Every ODD squat is a 3 second pause squat, even number squats have no pause.
Rest 2 minutes in between each set

Part c:
8 minute amrap
100 speed steps (count 100 only on right foot)
40 double unders

WOD 6/19/17

For time:

Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes:
10-Curtis P’s (95/65#)
Note: 1 Curtis P =  1 power clean, 2 lunge (left/right), 1 push press

Rest 3 minutes (change your bar weight during rest)

At the 15 minute mark drop the weight by 10 pounds and do:
50 Curtis-P’s (85/55#)

WOD 6/16/17

Partner WOD:

One partner works, one rests.. partner 1 does 10 hr pushups, then 10 deadlifts.. then rests and partner 2 does 10 hr pushups, then 10 deadlifts… then 9, 9, and so on…

Hand releases push ups
Deadlift (1.5x of your body weight)

Then both partners must share 120 total of handstand monkey taps.  Wall walk up the wall, then remove right hand and tap armpit, then tap left arm.  120 to be done in total by both partners. Suggest do 20 each. One works one rests.

After this part the partners move on to this section in the same fashion:

KB swing (24/16#)
Overhead KB lunge (24/16#)