WOD 08/11/17

CF Games Event #10: Heavy 17.5

Partner workout

10 rounds for time:

9 thrusters 95/65
35 double unders

1 partner does 1 round, while partner 2 rests. Both partners will have done 5 rounds each

15 minute time cap

At the 15 minute mark both athlete must perform

MAX Synchronized burpees for 5 minutes

Your score today is the time it took you to finish the 10 rounds and number of burpees

WOD 08/10/17

CF Games Event #11: Madison Triplet

5 rounds for time:

400 m run
10 ball slam ball box jump burpees (must pick up the ball, throw it over the box, burpee, jump over the box anyway you want)

WOD 08/09/17

CF Games Event #9: Muscle-Up Clean Ladder

Prior to each round you must complete: 4 bar muscle ups (must be one at a time, jump down) (modify with: 4 c2b or 8 ring row)

10,8,6,4 (4 rounds of increasing weight cleans and decreasing reps)

Mens Rx ladder:

Mens scaled ladder:

Womens Rx ladder:

Womens scaled ladder:

WOD 08/08/17

CF Games Event #12: 2223 Intervals

Must complete 75 OHS using the following 2 mins on/1 min off (the 4th round becomes 3 mins on)

2 rope climbs
7 cal row
Remainder of time is Max OHS 95/65

WOD 08/07/17

CF Games Event #6: Triple Chipper

100 pull ups
80 ab mat situps (GHD for anyone who wants it!)
60 pistols (modify the athletes with holding a ring or weighted step ups on a box)
40 cal row (500 m run for mod and large class size-around the restaurant!)
20 DB press 55/35 (5 per arm, switch)


Part a:

Time cap 18 minutes

100 bodyweight back squats for time. Every time you rack the bar you must do 5 burpees.


At the 18 minute mark start part b:

Part b:

Run1 mile for time- must run to park and around park

WOD 8/2/17

25 TTB

60 double unders

15 squat cleans

20 TTB

60 double unders

12 squat cleans

15 TTB

60 doubles

9 squat cleans


Todays workout is a take on 16.2. Any athlete wanting to do 16.2 today as RX can! See below

Beginning on a 4-minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans, 135 / 85 lb.

WOD 8/1/17

Part a- spend 15-20 minutes finding your 1rm snatch or working on quality of snatch


Part b:

3 rounds of

3 mins on 2 minutes off of:

5 snatch 115/75

6 bar over burpees

7 kb swings


After each round continue where you ended.

WOD 7/31/17

Part a

Every 90 seconds from the rack for 12 minutes

1 jerk, 1 split jerk

Building in weight (this is 8 rounds)


Part b:

6 rounds

3 strict pull ups

3 kipping pull ups

6 strict press 75/55

6 push press 75/55

12 oh reverse lunge total 75/55

12 front or back rack lunge total 75/55

100 meter farmer carry black kb’s/blue kb’s

100 meter sprint

Every other round you farmer carry first because you carry the kb outside for 40 meters then sprint back inside. Next round you sprin to the kb and farmer carry back in!