Fitness Programs

Programs for all ages and skill levels!  Join your friends, family, or make new friends in our wonderful community!

Kids Fitness Programs

Our Kids Fitness Programs start with a basic introductory class (JumpNBeans) that focuses on elemental jump rope skills that kids will learn in order to progress into our more advanced class (JumpNBeanees), and ultimately on to our competitive team: Mad Hops.

Adult Fitness Programs

Our Adult Fitness Programs include our CrossFit program, with an introductory series of classes to CrossFit, as well as our Endurance class.

Teens Fitness Programs

Our Teens Fitness Programs include both a strength & conditioning focused class in our Teens Training program, as well as a cardio-focused class in our Endurance class.  Both classes are led by a qualified instructor and will provide a superb training atmosphere for any teen athlete.