Adult Fitness Programs

Our Adult Fitness Programs include our CrossFit program, with an introductory series of classes to CrossFit, as well as our Endurance class.

 Introduction to CrossFitCrossFitEnduranceOpen Gym & Strength
Instruction ProvidedDetailed InstructionDetailed InstructionInstructor-Led ClassNone
Typical Class Size1-31-154-203-6
Training NeededNoneIntroductory ClassesNoneFamiliarity with Movements

Introduction to CrossFit

At first glance CrossFit can seem intimidating with unfamiliar movements, loud sounds, and sweaty, exhausted people lying on the ground.  For all of them, their journey in CrossFit began with their Introduction to CrossFit classes.

CrossFit Mad Hops

For many of us in CrossFit Mad Hops, our experience with the CrossFit methodology has been life-changing.  CrossFit focuses on scalable workouts performed in a group setting with a trained coach.  The workouts are performed at a high-intensity, but in a safety-conscious manner, providing the ultimate fitness regimen – hands down.


Often described by participants as the most-loved AND most-despised class that they’ve ever taken, the Endurance Class is focused on plyometric movements focused on strengthening your core muscles, and gaining physical stamina.

Open Gym & Strength

The Open Gym & Strength time period allows athletes and members to utilize the gym’s equipment on their own time.  Ranging from a simple bench-press session to an advanced Strength program, the open gym period provides members access to equipment and movements they may need more help with on their own time.