Introduction to CrossFit (CrossFit Skills)

The Introduction to CrossFit classes at CrossFit Mad Hops are required classes for any athletes looking to start CrossFit, unless you’ve done CrossFit elsewhere, in which you’re free to go directly to class!


The CrossFit Mad Hops Skills Course is comprised of four, 60 minute sessions that are set up privately with our experienced CrossFit staff.  These private courses introduce new members to a series of different movements, exercises, and/or skills that are required and used daily in our CrossFit courses.  This course is designed to have athletes ready to enter all CrossFit classes with a basic understanding of all CrossFit movements and how to complete them safely.  This course is required for ALL new members to CrossFit Mad Hops (with exceptions for experienced CrossFit athletes transferring from other gyms).

Is CrossFit for Me?

The short answer is ‘yes’.  The long answer is ‘Of Course It is!’.  Nearly every member of CrossFit Mad Hops started their CrossFit experience by reading a computer screen unsure of their athletic abilities.  Walking through the door is the hard part – once you’re inside, you’re a part of our community – met with support from all of our members!

Whether you’re new to working out, following-through on a New Year’s Resolution, are a seasoned veteran looking to make a comeback, CrossFit Mad Hops Introductory Skills Course stands to further your understanding of exercise physiology, and help you achieve your athletic performance or fitness goals.

The Curriculum

Educational, engaging, and fun, the CrossFit Mad Hops Skill Course curriculum includes theory and practical work. The integrated curriculum provides participants with:

  • The ability to safely and effectively perform/employ all the movements used in CrossFit Mad Hops’ programs:
    • Gymnastic/body-weight exercises
    • Mid-line stabilization exercises
    • Plyometric movements
    • Olympic and Power-Lifting Movements
    • Kettlebell movements
  • Awareness of general flexibility and/or mobility restrictions which could potentially impede their progress, along with drills that can be used to improve upon restrictions

CrossFit Mad Hops’ Skills Course is consists of FOUR 60 minute classes held at CrossFit Mad Hops.  These classes are privately schedule with one of the CFMH coaching staff. Each of the four classes follows a set curriculum, and covers unique subject matter:

  1. Details the underlying principles associated with each movement, exercise, or skill
  2. Guides attendees through the execution of each movement
  3. Dedicates time to the practice and application of each movement reviewed
  4. Provides Coach-issued feedback and prescribes corrective cues or exercise modifications as necessary
  5. Includes a CrossFit Mad Hops programmed workout that both incorporates the movements reviewed, and simulates the CrossFit Mad Hops training environment
  6. Concludes with mobility and flexibility work complimentary to the movements employed during the instruction and the workout.

Getting Started

Contact Us

Let us know when you’d like to start!  We will schedule a class with you and one of our CrossFit coaches to get you going.


Our classes start with a $20 per class fee for each Skills class.  Once you graduate the Skills course, you can join the CrossFit membership on an Unlimited basis, or with a punch-pass.

Frequently Asked Questions


One of the reasons why CrossFit is unique from other training methodologies is because we employ functional movements – multi-joint movements that closely replicate those found in sports or life, and which strengthen and engage an entire kinetic chain instead of an individual muscle or muscle group. Because these movements can be complex, and are often unfamiliar to those new to the sport, they often require a fair amount of instruction before they can be employed safely and effectively. Our Skills Course not only affords this instruction, but also the opportunity for people to apply what they’ve learned (each class features a CrossFit Mad Hops workout that incorporates the movements learned).


CrossFit Mad Hops is committed to a non-intimidating training environment. We want all of our members feeling both comfortable within a Group Training environment and confident with their newfound skills before they make the transition to Group Training classes. If you still don’t feel as though you’re ready to transition to our Group Training Classes after completing your Skills Course, we’re here to help. Speak to your coach about your options for re-enrolling in another round of Skills, or enrolling in a few private coaching sessions.


After the CrossFit Mad Hops Skills Course is completed, the graduates can immediately join the regular, CrossFit courses offered at the gym; this includes Open Gym.  New members will be able to immerse themselves into the community while still receiving instruction and skill work from CrossFit Mad Hops coaches during each class.