Kids Fitness Programs

Our Kids Fitness Programs start with a basic introductory class (JumpNBeans) that focuses on elemental jump rope skills that kids will learn in order to progress into our more advanced class (JumpNBeanees), and ultimately on to our competitive team: Mad Hops.

 JumpNBeansJumpNBeaneesMini HopsMad Hops
Skill LevelBeginnerIntermediateAdvancedCompetitive
Typical Age Range5-155-155-159+


Jump rope is one of the only sports offered to kids that requires a full mind & body connection.  This results in an overall stimulus to kids’ brains and bodies as it offer thousands of individual tricks, speed and power.  The sport allows for individual modes as well as team based modes.


Kids that have taken the pre-requisite Beans program are ready for Beanees! This 6-week course covers a more in depth foundation for kids to work on sequential tricks, increasing speed/power and incorporating some body awareness/gymnastics into their jump rope repetoire.

Mini Hops & Mad Hops

Kids that have taken the pre-requisite Beanees program are ready for Mini Mad Hops!  The largest jump rope team in Colorado!  Directed by 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion Molly Metz, the Mini Mad Hops & Mad Hops team is a year-round sport that focuses on local, national, and worldwide performances and competitions.  Some local performances include Denver Nuggets halftime shows and CU Basketball halftime shows. This jump rope team is one of the only jump rope teams directed by a staff of former and current competitive jump ropers.