Teens Fitness Programs

Our Teens Fitness Programs include both a strength & conditioning focused class in our Teens Training program, as well as a cardio-focused class in our Endurance class.  Both classes are led by a qualified instructor and will provide a superb training atmosphere for any teen athlete.

 Teens TrainingEndurance
Instruction ProvidedDetailed InstructionInstructor-Led Class
Typical Class Size1-54-20
Training NeededNoneNone

Teens Training

Our Teens Training program will focus on building fundamental strength & conditioning for any teen athlete.  Lightweight barbell movements will be supplemented with other body-weight movements and cardio-endurance exercises.


Often described by participants as the most-loved AND most-despised class that they’ve ever taken, the Endurance Class is focused on plyometric movements focused on strengthening your core muscles, and gaining physical stamina.